Playing Many Parts

Day Two – Ice Skating??

Well, I didn’t “technically” go ice skating yesterday as my movement of choice, but I did skate across the ice for what ended up being an interval workout.  Let me explain. Yesterday in my neck of the woods we had an icy snowy mix of weather. It went from super cold, to only moderately cold, and back to freezing again. So, my entire neighborhood was covered in ice by the time I got home from work yesterday. I needed to exercise (move) still and both dogs were looking at me just daring me to not take them out again.

I was concerned about the ice, but since my daughter bought me these amazing beauties bootsamazonpicfor Christmas, and they have GREAT traction. . .I figured I might as well walk the dogs for my movement.  So I went out with the intention of walking the dogs, but what actually happened is that I did some odd combination of skating and jogging and walking for 1.5 miles and accidentally got a pretty decent HIIT workout.  The skating and sliding and jogging was for a few 1 minute intervals and the walking slowly through the grass in some spots was also done in several 1 minute intervals.  Overall. . .I felt like I had done a pretty serious workout.  The dogs got a walk, my boots got broke in, and I got in a challenging workout!  Wins all the way around!

New Year, New Plan

I know, I know, everyone has a plan to get (blank) in the new year.  But I read something recently that said to just try and commit to doing something for 66 days.

SO, for 66 days I intend to move.  I don’t care how I do it, but for the next 66 days. . .I will move one way or another and record it here.  Not sure how this will go or where it will take me, but I am doing it, and I started last night.

Last night I spent 35 minutes doing Zumba at home via DVD and then I walked the dogs for 1.5 miles. Never heard of Zumba, here is a breakdown of one of the dances for you. . .I love this dance form of exercise. It’s fun and I LOVE to dance so the time flies!

Having Fun Moving More

Oh my gosh, I can’t even believe I am posting this, but I am having so much fun right now finding new videos on YouTube to use during work to move around more!

A week ago I decided that I was going to try and incorporate more movement into my day as I was swearing off all the yo-yo dieting of the past 2 years.  Sine then, I have had a lot of fun finding clever new ways to work out in my cube at work.  SHHHH, don’t tell the boss.  It seems that it is perfectly fine to take several smoke breaks an hour, but most people frown on a 5-10 minute movement session in your cube.  Too bad, doing it anyway.  Let’s hope I am not soon blogging unemployed from home.

Here are some of my most favorites from the past week:

Denise has a series of quickies that can be done right from your cube!

I LOVE this song and can quickly do this one many times a day. . and it is so much fun!

It is just too easy to walk in my cube, I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner!