Playing Many Parts

Day Two – Ice Skating??

Well, I didn’t “technically” go ice skating yesterday as my movement of choice, but I did skate across the ice for what ended up being an interval workout.  Let me explain. Yesterday in my neck of the woods we had an icy snowy mix of weather. It went from super cold, to only moderately cold, and back to freezing again. So, my entire neighborhood was covered in ice by the time I got home from work yesterday. I needed to exercise (move) still and both dogs were looking at me just daring me to not take them out again.

I was concerned about the ice, but since my daughter bought me these amazing beauties bootsamazonpicfor Christmas, and they have GREAT traction. . .I figured I might as well walk the dogs for my movement.  So I went out with the intention of walking the dogs, but what actually happened is that I did some odd combination of skating and jogging and walking for 1.5 miles and accidentally got a pretty decent HIIT workout.  The skating and sliding and jogging was for a few 1 minute intervals and the walking slowly through the grass in some spots was also done in several 1 minute intervals.  Overall. . .I felt like I had done a pretty serious workout.  The dogs got a walk, my boots got broke in, and I got in a challenging workout!  Wins all the way around!


New Year, New Plan

I know, I know, everyone has a plan to get (blank) in the new year.  But I read something recently that said to just try and commit to doing something for 66 days.

SO, for 66 days I intend to move.  I don’t care how I do it, but for the next 66 days. . .I will move one way or another and record it here.  Not sure how this will go or where it will take me, but I am doing it, and I started last night.

Last night I spent 35 minutes doing Zumba at home via DVD and then I walked the dogs for 1.5 miles. Never heard of Zumba, here is a breakdown of one of the dances for you. . .I love this dance form of exercise. It’s fun and I LOVE to dance so the time flies!

Loosing Weight – Adding Fresh Vegetables

My First Vegetable Garden

My First Vegetable Garden

Beginning Success

If you’ve been with me a while you know I am trying to loose at least two dress sizes, or about 20 pounds.  I will be happy with that.  If I can loose one more, I will be over the moon happy!  I am on the downward turn.  It is a slow process, but then I knew it would be.  I have lost about 7 or 8 pounds in a about as many weeks, which is a fine pace for me.

So far, I have adopted a very strict no sugar diet and added about 10,000 steps to my days.  I feel good and have made peace with changing my perspective on food.  I am trying very hard to see meals and food in general as what it is, a means to an end, not my happiness.  The only purpose of food in my life right now as sustenance.  For happiness, I am turning to hobbies like spending time with family, reading, writing, and now growing healthy things.

Fresh Vegetables

My newest step to becoming a much healthier weight is to grow some of my own food in a large 30-Inch container on my deck.  I will do some more in depth posts later about all that is wrong with our food supply and some of the debates I watch about that.  However, I don’t think anyone will disagree with the fact that growing your own food can be fun, is very good for you, and should cut your grocery bill a little.  So to me it is an exciting win/win/win situation.

Here is what I am growing to start:

I just planted the starters this week, so I will keep you posted on how my new hobby is going!

Discouraged and Can’t Loose Weight

I am 40, weigh about 180, and am only about 5’4″ so I am overweight.  I have struggled with weight and self image my entire life.  I wish I could say that I have reached some higher ground and accept who I am, but I know I need to be at a healthier weight.  I know I can get there, but I do seem very stuck where I am.

Currently, I am walking a bit, going to Zumba for 40 minutes once a week and doing some occasional weight lifting.  I have been doing a lower carb diet for about 4 weeks and am down a pound or two maybe.  Earlier this year, from September to December, I was jogging about 3 miles 5 times a week at a 15 minute mile pace, but haven’t got back into that and won’t until it is warm in the Mid West again.  My reason right now for wanting to get in the best shape I can is two-fold.  First, I would like to look my best at my daughters wedding this summer.  Second, my husband and son love to wakeboard and I wold very much like to join them this summer by participating as well.

I hope you all don’t mind, but I am going to use my blog to chart my progress.  My hope is that I will be more accountable if it is “out there” somewhere, and if I am successful, maybe someone else will benefit from what works for me.  If you are reading this and have tips or advice, please comment away!

My plan of attack is to begin this week with a 50 carbs a day or less diet for 2 weeks.  After that, I will slowly add more carbs, first with fruit and yogurt and watch how that goes.  For exercise, I will keep doing my Zumba class weekly, I also plan to add 2 more sessions of that a week since I enjoy it and will attempt to add a long walk in daily.  Here goes nothing. . .