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Finding Friends – I’m On a Mission

So in light of my post the other day, I am on a mission to find awesome people to be friends with.  I know they are out there, quotes on friendshipbecause I have two or three who are really awesome.  As I started thinking about them, and how much I really like them, I started making a mental list of things I am looking for and things I want to avoid.  All people sometimes suck.  I really do believe that, but there are people who mostly don’t suck. . .them I want to find.

Here are some traits my awesome friends have:

  • They can sympathize with me when hurt, but keep me in check when I get too negative
  • They love to laugh, and dance, and drink wine or beer or something ( I think this is what keeps them sane)
  • They are edgy, a little bit on the dark side, but not cave dwellers
  • Life has roughed them up enough that they know life is hard, but they have decided to keep fighting anyway
  • They love to read (there are days I just need to bury my head in a book and they get it)
  • They are open minded.  We all need to keep learning things everyday and as we do, our worldview grows and expands and I need them to be able to keep up with change and not always fight it

Here are some traits my awesome friends don’t have:

  • They aren’t mean just to be mean
  • They aren’t overly judgmental; they can make up their mind, but they want you to do you and me to do me
  • They don’t really want to talk about other people, just about me and them, which is fine
  • They don’t hold every angry word ever said against me, and I don’t against them either, shit happens, we forgive and forget and move on
  • They aren’t passive aggressive, they say what they mean and mean what they say

There is plenty more, and I need to think about it longer . . . but I am going to work really hard on being more like my awesome friends and look for more people like them.  I do realize that my friendships are only as good as me.  What I nourish will grow and what I neglect will whither and die, both in myself and in my life.