Playing Many Parts

Friday Fun – A new business and random thoughts

weddings-sjpI’m starting a new business with my brother, finally.  We have been talking and planning for a good 2 years, but our jobs and schedules have kept us from being able to pull the trigger.  It seems the stars have finally aligned and we may be able to do that beginning in August.  And how do I know I should move forward?  Sarah Jessica Parker told me.  I’m kind of kidding, but both my brother and I, for very different reasons, LOVE SJP.  So when I went to buy my first official wedding magazine (we are starting an event planning business) and SHE was on the cover, I new it was serendipity!

After my magazine purchase I began a Pinterest search of all things

Sarah Silverman (Tribeca Film Festival) by Joan Garvin

Sarah Silverman (Tribeca Film Festival) by Joan Garvin

Event Planning and stumbled upon a neat website, which lead to another, and another.  But somehow I ended up at this interview with Cathy who is the author of the blog Poor Little it Girl.  This interview mentions a quote by Sarah Silverman that I can’t find anywhere else, but it really spoke to me this morning and I want to put it here to have it.  Cathy says “Sarah Silverman did an interview once and said, ‘Don’t clutter your life with stuff you can’t afford. Keep your overhead low. Get a car with good mileage. Work towards buying your apartment. Shop at Gap. Enough with obsessing over the latest bag. It’s a purse. It holds stuff. Get a backpack. You’re being ridiculous.’”

I love to shop, read, eat, cook, drink and basically buy stuff.  But in order to make my dreams come true, in order to start a business that I will love and work with people I love, I have to give stuff up.  I need to stop buying useless crap that means far more to others than it ever will to me.  Happiness can not be found in things, I have tried that and it leaves me sad and wanting more.  I want to do work I can be proud of that makes me feel alive, THAT is what I need to spend my time and money on.

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