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My Favorite New Party – Wine Tastings

Winter Reds Pairing Party

Winter Reds Pairing Party

I have been testing party layouts with my family and friends this winter.  I have been perfecting my wine tasting party planning skills by hosting several small wine tasting parties for months.  They don’t mind though, we have had a lot of fun doing it, and I have learned some things along the way.  I will be planning a few more of these events this summer and can’t wait to make notes and learn new tricks for summer events.

If you want to host a wine tasting, I highly recommend this quick guide by the folks over at Thrillist.  They give the basics for hosting a party featuring Cabernet Sauvignon, but it only takes a few Google searches to figure out the details for any flavor you choose.  However, I will note that I had a bit harder time trying to find good information on how to host a Moscato focused party, I’m guessing due to its relative newness to the wine scene.  But if you are cleaver, you can do it!  My favorite tip?  Make at least one cocktail that even the wine naysayers might like.  There are lots of great recipes out there, and this can be a fun way to get more people participating.  Just be sure to taste test and have the recipe ready to hand out!

There were lots of notes on the different guides about how to note each wine and what pairing it should have, but I found this chalk board paper and chalk was not only easy to setup, but provided a keepsake for my daughter whose birthday we were celebrating.  She now has a reminder of not only what wines we served, but everyone got to write nice things to her too.

One final note, you may think a wine party is just too fancy or too expensive, but I found that isn’t true.  I can serve a lot less food, and better quality food, at a wine party than most other dinner parties where I not only have to provide appetizers, a meal and dessert but also several wines and other drinks.  Study, create, have fun, and don’t forget to let loose and relax.  Just don’t forget to note the wines no one likes so you can remove them from your rotation, even if they are your personal favorites.

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