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It’s Working – Back on the Diet Bandwagon

Will it ever budge?

Will it ever budge?

I know I said I was done dieting for a while, but the day after I posted that it all changed.  I jumped on the scale, my nemesis, and realized that I was actually going up not down, and panicked.  The next day I looked all over the internet for something that may help me finally get down.  I happened upon JJ Virgin and her program and bought the book and shakes the next day.

I knew from a quick check of the internet that her program was very much like my former favorite plan, Atkins, and that I wouldn’t have to learn a whole new way to eat.  I just needed to tweak what I had done before.  I am almost three weeks in and almost down the promoted 10 pounds in that time.  It did not happen for me in 2 weeks as she says, but then I knew that wouldn’t be the case for me.  My weight has not gone up or down at all in over 2 years until the past 2 months, where it first went up, then has come back down.

Her program is not perfect, in my humble opinion, nor is it completely sustainable for a lifetime, at least not as strict as she recommends.  It is based on 3 phases and the first and third are somewhat identical.  These phases can be done for long periods of time, with weeks off or cheat times built in, at least for me.  Food is my passion.  It always will be as I was raised to love food and treat it as a way to bring happiness to myself and others.  HOWEVER, that is an unhealthy way to think of food and I need to fix that.  This diet so far has helped me make strides in the right direction.  I am now viewing food as a simple means to an end. . .it is only to keep me alive.  My happiness I am seeking by pursuing other passions like reading, walking, playing with my dog and pursuing other business opportunities.

It helps that this diet also did as it promised, it cut my cravings.  I really am not thinking about and craving foods like I used to only 3 weeks ago.  Some days I have absolutely no cravings and need only my planned 3 meals.  Other days, I still want something else at night, so I find an approved snack and feel full and fine.  This is perhaps the best reason to give a diet like this a chance.  That first day or two is really horrible, I won’t lie.  I was yelling and crying at my husband, telling him I would never change, as he quietly reminded me that this was my choice and I promised myself I would give it the two weeks.  For me, by day 3 I was much calmer, able to skip snacking and not feeling hungry or angry from the sugar withdrawal anymore at all.

The best part for me is that after week 3, I was able to cheat twice.  It was Memorial Day and there were s’mores!  I had the cheat food, then got right back on the wagon and didn’t cheat again.  It was not a day of binging or anything, just one food at one time each of the days.  It happened to be two days in a row, but I was able to start right back on the diet the next morning and still watched the scale go down.

I have no idea if I can maintain this long enough for the 20-30 pounds that I really need to loose, but here’s hoping that my new lifestyle/diet can get me where I really want and need to be!  I’ll keep you posted!

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