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Time for Change – I’m Just Counting

Just Counting

Just Counting

While I am keeping my promise to myself, not to diet again for a while, I did decided, with some help from my wise husband, to at least count the numbers.  Which numbers?  I am counting my calories and my steps for the next 25 days, because I just have to get my eating and my sedentary lifestyle back under control.

I have been bouncing around from the intermittent fasting diet to the low carb diet and many others so much that I lost track completely of just what and how much I was eating.  So last Wednesday I decided to just keep track.  What I found was  bit shocking.  Turns out, when I combined these diets in my head and tried to eat “normal” I was WAY over eating calories!  So, I am eating a healthy amount for my age and weight now.  To figure that out, I used this handy calculator. 

So, once I realized that I actually was overeating for weight loss, I decided to focus on just counting my calories and while I am at it, counting my steps for 30 days.  Being a true type A personality, I also decided that my daily steps would need to be at least 10,000.  Both my dog and I will benefit from this, so it is a win/win.  I am about 5 days in and I feel good.  I am happy, eating better, and much more conscious about what I am eating, how much I am eating, and when. I also am trying hard to remain active all day and take walk breaks whenever I can. . . and it makes me happy!

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