Playing Many Parts

I’m Done Dieting (for now)

We will walk!

We will walk!

it didn’t work.  Here we are in the first week of March and in over 2 years of constant eating plans, I have lost no weight.  My son helped me remember that I also have not gained weight.  At my age, I guess that is a tiny baby step. . .to not have gained any weight in the past two years, but I need to loose.

It scares me to death to not have a plan, so while I refuse to diet right now anymore, I will at least eat as healthy as possible.  Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit and very little sugar, flour and processed foods.  What I am going to do differently now is focus on movement.  I want to walk my dog daily.  I want to dance daily for health and for fun and because that makes me happy.  I want to build some basic muscles that will help me stay fit and I want to do at least a couple of days of yoga a week.  3 days a week at work I will do my muscle building.  Every night after work while dinner cooks I will dance.  Every night I will walk the dog after dinner and on my days off (2 per week) I will do yoga.  I am committing to this plan for 2 months, like I did the No-Carb Diet and will see what those results are.


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