Playing Many Parts

Exercise – A constant struggle

I guess if I loved exercise most of my posts wouldn’t be about all the weight I am always trying to loose.  But honestly, I think I am allergic to cardio.  It makes me feel sick, and don’t get me started on long distance running or jogging, it just isn’t for me.  Reading all over the web about people who love certain sports and find their way to a smaller waist through them is great too, but again, that isn’t for me.  So what is a woman to do?

I do like to dance, so maybe that could be something?  I am not a good dancer by any stretch, but most songs with a strong beat have me bopping along with them.  So, I am trying to turn this into exercise, and I am finding that I really enjoy it!  Lucky for me, there seems to be a ton of super talented folks on YouTube who are willing to share their videos.  I am not a big Zumba fan, but it seems that several instructors have choreographed some easy to do workouts to some of the top pop hits.

The best location for finding good video workout recommendations is Shawn Johnson over at The Body Department.  That is where I found The Fitness Marshall and his sort of awesome videos:


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