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Low-Carb Update – Uping The Stakes

Daily Movement Chart

Daily Movement Chart

So, still no weight loss that my scale will admit to me, but I am seeing and adding changes.  First, my fat feels less dense.  I know that might not make sense, but if you have ever done low-carb, it may.  Last time I focused on a low-carb diet I lost 50 pounds.  I remember thinking for weeks that it wasn’t really working, but I was also noticing that my fat felt less solid, and then all of a sudden I started dropping sizes.  So this loss in density has me hopeful that things are indeed in motion, even if the scale and pants haven’t noticed yet.

The second change I did record is that I am finally in ketosis.  I am not a scientist, and I am not going to explain what that means.  There are all kinds of sites out there that talk about what it is and why it is a good thing if you are trying to get there.  I will sum it up here by saying that my body is now in fat burning mode!

For that reason, I have added some very light body weight exercises to my day.  I am an IT Professional, which unfortunately for me means very long periods of sitting at a desk behind a computer screen.  I can’t easily add a lot of motion away from my desk, but I can still do something.  I have added some very basic movements to each hour of my day.  This gets me up at least every 50 minutes, and I am hoping will also help me shape up some of this now loose fat.  I have added a quick picture of my super simple chart just to give you an idea of what I am doing.  I encourage you to try and add some interesting movement to your day!

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