Playing Many Parts

Low Carb Update

scaleIt’s been a month since starting my low carb diet again, and I have made no progress.  My first two weeks I cut out all of the carbs I used to eat, and used the Atkins bars for breakfast and any sweet craving I had.  I also included one cheat day a week right out of the gate, which may have been my biggest mistake.  The original low carb Atkins diet plan did not include a cheat day and actually recommended 2 weeks of lower than 20 carb days.  So, Monday I started my two weeks.  I will not cheat or have more than 20 carbs a day until Saturday, February 14.

An additional twist I added this week is that I am trying really hard to not eat after 7pm.  I live in the suburbs of a major big city and I don’t get home until well after 5:30.  I know many folks say that in order to loose weight you have to stop eating by 6pm, but for this working wife, that is not a realistic goal at all.  The best I can do is 7pm MOST days.  I also have added a daily walk for my doggy.  I get home pretty tired most nights, but he and I will both benefit if I just commit already to walking him every single day of the week.  So far this week that has meant one night.  I know, I know, that is terrible, but tonight looks good and I am making progress.  Slow, but progress none the less.

Here’s hoping that I can start to burn some of this fat and get myself into ketosis in the next week or two.

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