Playing Many Parts

Learning to Draw

Illustration School:  Let's Draw Kit

Illustration School: Let’s Draw Kit

One of my personal development goals for the year is to spend some time learning to draw. I’m not completely sure where this need to work on my drawing came from, but one of the days during Christmas Break I was at a beautiful scenic location wishing I knew how to draw what I was seeing. I had already determined that I need to embrace the creative side of myself much more in the coming year, so I put working on my drawing down on my list of personal development goals this year.

I took the first step this weekend by purchasing this very cute package, Illustration School: Let’s Draw! (Includes Book and Sketch Pad): A Kit with Guided Book and Sketch Pad for Drawing Happy People, Cute Animals, and Plants and Small Creaturesfrom Joann Fabric.  It includes a small book that starts with doodle people, then moves to doodle animals.  There are men, women and children and elephants and penguins.  This little set couldn’t be more perfect for encouraging me to doodle each night before be do try and release the inner creative in me so that my writing and world can be more creative and inspired.

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