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Low Carb – 3 Days In, Why Do This??

All I need

All I need

So I am going to be brutally honest and transparent, in hopes that my story will help others and encourage you if you need it to take charge, do hard things, and change your life.

I am an over 40 woman who needs to loose about 30 pounds to be healthy (at a size 14 currently, that should put me at a small 10 I hope).  Luckily, my fat is distributed well so I look a tiny bit healthier than I am, but that is where things stand.  I have tried several things in the past 3 years to loose the excess weight and nothing has worked for me.  However, when I was about 35 I embraced the Atkins Diet with gusto for about 4-6 months and lost about 50 pounds.  I then gave up the diet completely and gained 30 of those pounds back.

So what have I tried?  I tried running 2-3 miles every day for about 3 months. . .I lost 1 whole pound.  I should add, that pound was lost during a week where I was on vacation and was very active, I was not sitting at my day job for 8 hours a day working on my computer screen.  I have also tried intermittent fasting for almost a year.  I did not loose a single pound, but I didn’t gain a single pound eating whatever I wanted for only 4 hours a day.  I was always hungry though, and that is no way to live, I’m sorry, it just isn’t.

I am going back to what works for me.  Staying not hungry all day eating mostly lean meats, cheese, salads and nuts.  I will throw in some eggs and bacon on my days off (I am lazy, I am not getting up even earlier to make that on a work day).  I am also adding at least 4 long walks with my dog a week.  I will keep you posted.  If you have tips or recipes on low carb. . comment away!

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  1. * Rlewis says:

    Have you ever tried a fitness app? I just started using one and it is really helping me reduce my portion sizes. I use LiveStrong/myplate.

    | Reply Posted 3 years, 1 month ago
    • I did once, but it was to track calories and I hated it. Will look at the live strong one since you recommend it though, thanks!

      | Reply Posted 3 years, 1 month ago

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