Playing Many Parts

Book Review via Road Trip to Maryland

This past weekend I spent 26 hours driving to and from Maryland to visit family.  I have always liked road trips, and since we

Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

had 4 drivers, most of my hours were spent on my favorite hobby, reading.  I got Sandra Brown’s Mean Streak as a Christmas gift so it seemed the obvious choice.  I really like this book.  I had read Gone Girl in September last year and was a bit worried that it was the same book. And while they are similar, somehow Brown’s book left me feeling a bit happy and upbeat while Flynn left me weeping for humanity.  Often mystery books like Mean Streak are predictable and you  see the end coming early, but this wasn’t that book.  While it was sad in some spots, it has a positive message and tone that is important to me in my book choices.  I want to be inspired by what is good in this world, not brought further down by the reality that most people suck and we are all dying.  I know that; I want more from my forms of entertainment.  Besides, 2015 is my year for embracing optimism.  I have vowed to try and see the glass half full instead of always looking for the leak that is causing my glass to be mostly empty.

Speaking of seeing the glass half full, while in Maryland we stopped to do a quick wine tasting, ’cause it isn’t really a weekend if you don’t have some wine!  We picked a quaint tasting room in downtown North East called Turkey Point Vineyard.  We enjoyed the wine enough to purchase a few bottles to take home.  We are anxious to go back in a couple of years when they have harvested their newly planted Moscato grapes.

Schaefer's Canal House

Schaefer’s Canal House

And what is a trip to the East Coast without a few seafood dinners!  We stopped at two very different restaurants and had two different experiences.  We had some of the best calamari I have ever eaten just outside of Baltimore at a place called Crackpot.  The crab cakes were good, the lobster tail was delicious and the steak was not very good at all.  The atmosphere was nothing special, and that doesn’t bother me if the food is outstanding.  The food here was ok.  I would go back for appetizers anytime, but would not try dinner again and would definitely not recommend the surf and turf.  Schaefer’s Canal House on the other hand was outstanding.  We had dinner late on a Sunday night in the middle of winter, but I imagine in the summertime this place is absolutely stunning.  The drinks and drink menu were original.  The tuna appetizer was delicious and perfectly cooked.  The surf and turf came with perfectly cooked steak and amazing lobster tails, the crab cakes were filled with huge lumps of delicious crab and the service was top notch.  If you are ever anywhere near Chesapeake City Maryland,  on the north side of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, just west of the Chesapeake City canal locks, stop in and have dinner on the Canal, it is a beautiful place to be, even in the winter.

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