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Personal Development is What I’m Up To

2015 Is Going To Be GREAT!

2015 Is Going To Be GREAT!

This past year was a lot about trying to loose weight for my daughters wedding.  That was less than successful.  I lost maybe 5 pounds and spent WAY too much time being flat out hungry.  This year is going to be all about personal development for me.

I want to focus on some general ways to improve my overall health, mind body and soul.  I want to be a better person all around, not just a skinny person.  I want to read more this year.  I didn’t read much last year and that made me really sad. . .so this year I am going to read whatever I can.  I will read business and management books, I will read some Christian development books, I want to read a ton of great fiction and maybe even a few biographies and travel books.  I will keep you posted on what I am reading and will often put up some reviews and suggestions for things I am enjoying.

I want to pick up some fun hobbies, learn how to eat healthier and get my body moving more.  I will go snowboarding with my son and husband and give you all the tips and tricks I learn.  I will try some of those great projects on my pinterest boards and post pics and let you know if they are wins or fails.  I will eat more veggies and try more recipes and also let you know how that goes too.  I will also be doing some fitness challenges and workouts that should also be fun to share.

I want to learn more about my job and pick up some new skills too.  Management books are on the top of my list, but I also want to learn about project management and finally pick up a programming language and learn to build some basic websites.

I want to blog more about things I am doing that I care about, so I will, and this is how it starts.  Welcome 2015, I am very excited to get started on another fantastic year of being alive!

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