Playing Many Parts

Homemade Herbal Salve

Calendula Salve

Calendula Salve

I used to be a Bath & Body Works lotion junkie.  That is, until I realized that the lotion they make is full of harmful chemicals and preservatives and may be doing my body more harm than good.  That is about the time that I started to look into all natural and homemade alternatives to all the chemical laden crap on the market.

About that same time I also started following several herbal blogs and actually bought my first herbal medicine making kit as a kind of fun weekend activity that I had no intention of taking too serious.  But after making and trying my first herbal salve, I was pretty hooked.  I not only got to choose exactly what ingredients went into my salve, but I was part of the process and that gave me a very deep sense of rightness that keeps me making more and more of my own products.  I have tried salves, lotions, body butters, teas, hair tonics, hair gel and even an all natural hairspray alternative.  So far, the salve is the only product that has been so amazing that others have actually asked me to make more.  My son swears this stuff is the best tattoo cream he has ever tried.  For me, it is a great remedy to the terribly dry skin I always get about this time of year.  I use mostly Calendula Oil, and added some lavender and tumeric this time.  I don’t love the orange color of the tumeric and probably won’t use that again.   It is adapted from Rosemary Gladstar’s book Medicinal Herbs: A Beginners Guide.

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