Playing Many Parts

My Own Love/Hate with Whole Foods

Whole Foods

Whole Foods, a necessary evil?

There it is. . .my secret card.  I have a shopper card for Whole Foods and I barely use it.  I really did laugh out loud when I read the now famous article about Surviving Whole Foods.  I could so easily relate to what Kelly was saying!  I too have hated that store at times, yet find myself going back time after time.  I am headed there now actually, I need organic veggies like a “fat kid needs cake” and there just is no quicker, easier place to score those.  I try to get to the farmers markets when I can, but let’s be honest, they are often hard to hit.  In the small towns that surround my Chicago area suburb, I can  hit one on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or a Thursday, but only from 7 am – 12 noon.  I work.  I can’t leave my job to go to one of those markets, who can?  Once in a while I am able to carve out an hour to go 20 miles to one that is on Saturday mornings, but only if none of my kids need anything or have no events.

So, because I really want to eat organic celery that isn’t pencil thin, organic squash and carrots and coconut yogurt. . .I am off to Whole Foods to give them most of the money that is left over from paying bills this week.  And people wonder why I am seriously making a plan now to start a small sustainable farm in my “spare time.”  It’s simple really, there has to be an easier, cheaper, better way to do this!

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