Playing Many Parts

12 Mile Walk – I Love Sundays

I couldn’t decide yesterday if I could really forgo my 60 minute run and instead walk with my daughter, but I am so glad I did.  I had my mind stuck on how many calories I would burn during my long run, until I looked up how many I could burn just walking with my kid.  I had no idea how amazing it would feel to not only walk for so long, but to spend so much time getting in touch with someone else and nature.

One amazing snapshot from our walk.

One amazing snapshot from our walk.

Our walk was along a long winding road in the middle of West Michigan.  With the leaves beginning to change color and the wind blowing just a tiny bit it was an amazing 3 hours.  My daughter and I started our walk just catching up on life and discussing upcoming events.  As we got further along the road though, we fell into a very comfortable silence and both just settled in to experience life.  It has been a long time since I have felt such a sense of peace and at the end accomplishment.  I walked 12 miles in three hours yesterday and it was one of the best 3 hours in a long time.

Want to clear your head and feel peace?  Take a walk, the longer the better!

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