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Bentonite Clay – So Useful!

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay for oily hair

It all started with a little mishap with my hair oil this morning.  I used too much, how it happened, I am not sure, but it did and by the time I got my hair all dried, it was oily and dirty looking.  With about 10 minutes left before I needed to be out the door, I looked for my dry shampoo or some powder.  But of course, I had neither.  When low and behold, my little eyes spied a package of Bentonite Clay way at the back of my bathroom closet.  Well, I knew it was plenty healthy from all of my readings on it over at the Wellness Mama‘s site, so why not use it?!  It seemed to be the right consistency, much like baby powder, and I was desperate.  Guess what?  It worked!!

I am so excited about this development!  I have been trying very hard over the past few years to weed out all of those nasty beauty products with all the chemicals and yuckies in them.  As a true product of the ’80s (now you know how old I am), I am loathe to give up my hairspray and all hair products, but I do try.  I can now scratch one more off that list;  dry shampoo!  I had heard that it was mostly baby powder and chemicals anyway, but whatever it is, I no longer need it.  If I am feeling oily or need my hair to be less oily and fresher looking, I need only rub in some Bentonite Clay and off I go.

Don’t forget to click on the link above to read all of the health benefits of this nifty clay. . .it is kinda a superhero!

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