Playing Many Parts

We Must Teach Them About Sin – Romans 3:23-24

Romans 3:23-24

23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.

I came across a great sermon Sunday that really impacted me and changed the way I think about witnessing to others.  The just of it is that we must, in order to gain true converts, witness about our sickness before we witness about our cure.  We must explain what is wrong with us before anyone can hear how to get right.  We must teach people how we have all sinned and fall far short of God’s holiness before we can explain how we can be in a right relationship with Him.  One that gives us a future in His home instead of a lifetime without Him present.  We have to show them how they are sick and incapable of healing themselves, hence their need for a savior that was without sin who can save them and give them life.

We can not give someone a cure for a disease they don’t know they have and expect them to be happy or even want to keep it.  We can’t bail someone out of a jail cell they can’t see.  I am changing my focus when I talk with lost people.  I am going to bring up the 10 commandments and help them see how they are sinners who can’t be with God.  Then I will tell them about Jesus who brings them to God and will save them from Hell.  Sound kinda Baptist?  Maybe, but Jesus first sermon on the mount was all about how we don’t keep His commands right and what awaits us if we fail!

Father, forgive me for being so awkward at sharing my faith.  Give me eyes to see your ways, knowledge to understand, and wisdom to change.  Help me learn to effectively share my faith, as there is NOTHING in this world more important than that!


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