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My First Homemade Flop – Hairspray

While I have switched most of my beauty products to organic, or at least mostly natural ones, I still have a few holdouts that are hard to replace. My hairspray may be one I just never let go of.

I have dry, fine hair. If I want it to do anything but kink funny but flatly, I need a bunch of hairspray. If I curl my hair and use a firm hairspray, I get a decent looking do that gets compliments. So it was with much hesitation that I began looking for an organic, homemade alternative to my favorite hairspray.

I chose the flax seed one from E-How as my first choice. What a mistake. I should have known that I needed to go to a site I am sure is maintained by a woman, and maybe even one that regularly posts organic beauty recipes. DO NOT TRY THIS. It doesn’t work at all, and is pretty much a gooey mess.

I have since done some more reading and have decided that tonight I will try one more homemade recipe. I have to make some soap tonight anyway, so it won’t take much more effort to try this interesting recipe. I will post tomorrow how this one turns out (but will be stocking up on my normal hairspray as well).

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  1. Just a quick update, I have not yet made the alternative hairspray with water and sugar, but I did find that at the end of the day when I brushed my hair, this hairspray left it feeling great and ready for the curling iron again.

    Usually after a day of hairspray I have to rewash to get rid of the gunk that makes my hair feel like crap. . .not so with this. It looked great! Hmmm. . .there may be something here to work with afterall.

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 1 month ago

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