Playing Many Parts

Getting Kinda Geeky Over Hot Oil Treatments

Calendula Hot Oil Treatment

I recently started buying herbs and making my own cough syrups, infused oils, herbal infusions and even hot oil treatments.  I LOVE herbs!  I like learning about all the health benefits we can gain from going back to using weeds we find all over the place in nature.

I was excited to see and try Crunchy Betty’s hot oil options.  I used olive oil and Calendula dried flowers to make my hot oil treatment.  It was sort of hard to get on, and took two shampoos to get out, but I have to say it was worth it!  I let my hair air dry overnight and curled it this morning before heading out to work.  I actually got compliments on how good my hair looks today.  I guess the real test will be when I go see my hair dresser tomorrow for my trim and color.

If you like to experiment or just like to make healthy stuff for yourself, I really recommend this hot oil treatment.  Heat your oil, add your herbs, strain, and once cool enough to handle message this stuff in and enjoy!  Your hair will thank you!

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