Playing Many Parts

You Win Some, You Loose Some

So I did try some new recipes this weekend, and I old favorite.

I tried a red velvet cake recipe that was probably good, but I over cooked the cake so it was a bit tougher than one would hope. It was cute, and I will post a picture shortly of my little mistaken cake.

I also made one of my favorite recipes from the Pioneer Woman‘s Website, her Best Lasagna Ever! This is one of my daughters favorites, and she put in a special request for it for Sunday dinner. . .so how could I refuse?! As always, it was delicious and by the end of the day there was nothing left in the rather large pan. It really is a delicious recipe, and if you have a crowd of 8 or so to feed it might be the perfect meal. I would add two notes of caution. First, next time I make this recipe I will cut up the tomatoes a bit. . no one I know wants a full one on their plate. Second, if I make it ahead again, I need to plan for more time in the oven than the suggested 40 minutes.

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