Playing Many Parts

A New Blog and a New Project

You just know its gonna be a good day when you find a new blog and a new project all in one. I scour the internet looking for sites with fun, quick ideas that I can use to make things. I LOVE to make things in my free time. I know, free time for most Moms is an oxymoron, but there are SOME down times even for the busiest of us. I find that creating things makes me feel . . . well great.

The Happy Zombie is the site I found last week.  I just love her!  Ok. . so I have a little girl crush, but gosh, who wouldn’t.  In addition to having a beautiful site where she has some wonderful FREE tutorials, she has some of her patterns featured on the MODA site.  I can’t even tell you how many hours I spent on her site. . it is just shameful.

Anywho, at least I came away from those hours armed with a pattern for the adorable poochies.  I love to make bags, and let me tell you, this fat quarter friendly pattern goes together so quickly even someone with severe attention span issues like me can “get er done!”


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