Playing Many Parts

Diversions – Sewing Machine Cover

I am still planning away on my bedroom makeover, but I did embrace a little diversion this weekend to finish a project that actually needed to get done.

When I bought my Target special sewing machine last spring, it came without a dust cover of any sort and I have noticed that when dust gets in the bobbin case and on the thread I do have issues. . .so it was time to invest or sew. . . of course I decided to sew 🙂

I bought the ADORABLE Michael Miller Pet Deer fabric from my new friend over at Lucky Kaeru Fabric that I was dying to use, so when I came across these instructions, I decided to give it a try.  I think it turned out ok.  I am not crazy about the two fabrics together, and sort of wish I had gone with one fabric, but it was fun to work out the corners on the cover and it was certainly an easy project to knock out quickly in a night.   Now that I look again, I think I will go back and add the optional pocket on in the brown fabric. . .I will get more of my lovely deers in that way!


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