Playing Many Parts

I am Still Here, But Oh Sew Busy!

Since getting my little sewing machine a couple of months ago I have been completely addicted to sewing!  I have been searching patterns and fabric until my eyes have gone buggy, and I have even managed to finish a few more projects around the house that I am quite excited about as well.  I am getting my pictures and links together so I can show you what I have been working on, but I am so easily distracted now it is hardly funny.

I have been jumping all around the internet the past two days playing this fun little game and in the meantime I have been introduced to a number of quilt shops that I plan to visit regularly and found a whole other world of things I can do with my sewing machine.  I think I owe my dad a quilt from way back when, he may finally get paid back!  Check this little contest out and definitely check out some of these fabric/quilt shops.  Who knew this would all be so much fun?!

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