Playing Many Parts

Fun Party Decorations – Paper Topiaries

I am having a little French Wine & Cheese party this week, so I spent the weekend preparing my decorations. I am pretty happy with how they turned out, but have a few more to work on. I am most pleased with the paper topiaries that I made, even though my family thinks I spent a ridiculous amount of time on them. I didn’t mind, the paper cutting and folding was strangely theraputic for me.

I got the great pattern from the Hello my name is Heather website.  The beautiful pattern is a free download from there.  The first stage shows me trying to setup a pattern for my first globe:

stage1The next phase shows how you begin to glue the pieces together, tricky yet rewarding!

stage2And finally, my two large topiaries

finishedThey turned out really well, and they will match my theme perfectly, as I am going with the french flag colors.  Since I already had most of the scrapbooking paper already, and I had the cute little flower pots too, my cost was very little for these beauties.

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