Playing Many Parts

Cafe Thursday – New Use for Old Nemesis

I was wondering at the beauty of a sunny morning on my way to church last Sunday when I looked fielddandelionsout my window and noticed a field full of dandelions.  I’ll admit, I am not a dandelion fan.  I, like every other girl I know, used to love them and fashioned many a wreath, garland and bouquet for my mom way back when, but have since moved on to more refined beauties such as roses.  However, I did start wondering as I drove why God would create such a strange thing, I mean, dandelions must have a purpose, right?

Imagine my glee upon finding this article today in The Salt Lake Tribune, written by one of my new favorite people on the web, MaryJane Butters.  In case you can’t get to the article, just use the search box and type in her name, it is a great article about how we can use dandelions in salads and how to even use the roots to make coffee.  MaryJane is honestly quite amazing, and I just love her tutorials, recipes, and overall great advice on all things organic.  It also helps that MaryJane is quite the homemaker and has some great ideas for how to reuse things and how to create less waste in our homes.  She actually has this Mid-Western City Girl longing for a farm of her own!  Wow, did I say that out loud?

Anyway, I am not sure I will be roasting or brewing up a cup of dandelion coffee anytime soon, but the next time I see some of my old nemesis around the yard, I may just consider havesting them for my daily salad.

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