Playing Many Parts

Avoiding My Blog – Try Another Instead

RestStopI’ll admit it. . I have been avoiding my blog.  The past couple of weeks I have been searching for craft ideas and free patterns online, which has taken me to a ton of amazing blogs.  In fact, there are so many amazing blogs out there that it has completely discouraged me from blogging.    There are some great sites out there with great craft tips, fantastic recipes and beautiful home decorating and I am getting a ton of ideas on things I want to do and try.  So, while I am busy working on my projects so I can post pictures here and maybe encourage others to get to crafting, I thought I would share a couple of blogs that just have me so mesmerized that I can’t stop reading them.

My new favoritest blog has to be the Sugar Pie Farmhouse.  You will notice first of course how beautifully designed her site is.  I mean it is cute enough to eat.  Then there are her links to great products with lots of preatty pictures, and then as if that weren’t enough she has amazing pictures of her home and its decor.  The absolute topping on it all is the music though.  Now generally I am annoyed when people add music to their sites.  I usually have my own music playing while I am working and I don’t like to be bothered with other people’s music, but hers is just so fitting for her site.  It has me wanting to square dance each time I visit!  This woman is quite amazing and downright fantastic. . .I keep thinking if I hang out there long enough maybe just a little of her awesomeness will wear off on me.  Aunt Ruthie I salute you. . .and strive to be just a tiny bit like you.

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