Playing Many Parts

Cafe Thursday – Cupcakes, and Twitter and Giveaways. . oh my!

javacupcakeHa, I am starting to get the hang of Twitter, I think, and I am totally hooked.  I love that I can now easily add my tweets to the side of the blog here, and I am finding lots of new blogs and friends and comments to read and see and try!  I am not posting quite as often as I should probably, but who has time to post their own comments when there are so many other far more interesting posts by other people.

I found javacupcake by looking for others who enjoy baking.  Then from her site I found avocadocreation, ohsosweettreats and frostedtreats too.  All of these women are very talented and I am so inspired to go home and make something.  I am still visiting all of their blogs and stores, but I would encourage you to check any or all of them out too.  You didn’t really want to get anything done today, did you.

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