Playing Many Parts

Newest Hobby – Sewing

A friend invited me along to the craft store on Saturday, as she got a new sewing machine for Christmas and is finally getting around to starting a project.  After two hours dreaming of all the clothes we would sew and all the money we would save by doing this, we both walked away a bit terrified and a little excited.

I am a realist, I know that I will probably never finish the skirt I really want to try, but my friend is more optimistic so she walked away with a pattern and fabrice for a dress, a shirt and a beach cover-up.  I was excited and surprised though to see all the great patterns (many of which were on sale at my local JoAnn Fabric this weekend) and all of the adorable cloth out there.  I have ideas grand and simple flying around in my head this week if I can just calm down long enough to reteach myself to sew.  It would probably help if I had a machine of my own, but DH says it is best to go to my friends and use hers until I have at least one sucessful project under my belt.  He is right. . but here’s hoping my new hobby will remain as exciting once my skirt is finished!

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