Playing Many Parts

Great Hair Products – David Babaii for WILDAID

I have mentioned before how much I like to order my drugstore products from because it is so easy and shipping is free sometimes.  My last order included the David Babaii for WildAid Mise en Plis Extra Hold Styling Spray – 10.0 oz. Other than foundation, hairspray has been one of my last not natural product holdouts.  Several trips to the grocery, drug and beauty stores had me thinking that I would never find a natural hairspray and that perhaps it just couldn’t be.  That is when I noticed a special at

While the smell of the WILDAID hairspray seems stronger to me than other hairsprays, an hairsprayannoyance that was particulaly noticable when I was working out, the product itself is quite good.  I found that the spray was not too heavey and that I could use the hairspray and still not have to wash my hair the next day.  Often, when I use the regular hairsprays I have to wash my hair the next morning due to the sticky residue.  I liked this product and will continue using it.

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