Playing Many Parts

Finally Friday Fun – Food and First Editions

Food First

salsa I mentioned in my last post that I was searching the web last week for  places in my home state of Michigan that sold organic food and how much fun I was having finding and testing food.  I found another little gem.  I received my first order from a store called Food For Thought on Wednesday and was quite pleased with my purchases.  Not only is their site and packaging adorable, their food is delicious.  Of the few things I ordered, my favorite item hands down was the Organic Cherry Salsa Atento, I could honestly eat it by the buckets!

First Editions

I ate this wonderful salsa while I did some research online to determine if I accidentally own a first edition, first print book.  I LOVE books, and love reading them even more.  I have been seriously considering starting a collection that would second as an investment and so I have been doing some reading up on buying first edition books.  I randomly picked up a book that I got mailed to me by a friend and as I was trying to determine its edition, realized I had a first edition.  So my collection has officially started.  This particular book is not very well known and my book isn’t worth much. . .but everyone has to start somewhere.

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