Playing Many Parts

New Place to Buy Organic

I am having so much fun going mostly Organic and being more careful about what food I put in my body. I don’t think it should be this much fun, but it is. I have been searching the web for organic food that doesn’t cost a ton, and I found a great new place on Friday.  Eden Organic has many healthy options, but is especially good for pasta, soy sauce, and organic snacks.  I found them because I was searching for organic growers in my home state of Michigan and received my first order yesterday.

I have to say first of all that I shopped late Friday, and got my food on Tuesday, that turn around time for online purchases is hard to beat.  I ordered four different products and have tried three of them already:  tomatoes

popcornudonThe popcorn was amazing. . .really!  I made it just as instructed on the back of the package and it tasted much better than any microwave popcorn I have had.

I used the udon noodles as spaghetti noodles and then mixed the crushed tomatoes with a jar of Trader Joe Bruschetta sauce, a bit of succant, some garlic salt and pepper for a wonderful spaghetti dinner.  The price on these items are very good, and you have the option to buy in bulk when you purchase them from the online store.  I will be buying plenty more popcorn and noodles this week.

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