Playing Many Parts

Free Organization – DIY Style

I had forgotten about a site I used to regularly visit for all of my time managment/organization help.  But today I was in desperate need to find a quick, and FREE, way to track my daily tasks at work.  I know I can use Outlook, and I probably should, but it is boring, and to be honest, I really like to have paper in my hands for lists.

Anyway, a quick look at the D*I*Y Planner site quickly had me downloading forms like crazy.  I found a simple weekly to-do list that will work to keep my work tasks organized.  I then moved on to planners designed for busy moms.  I found one to organize my shopping and menu planning on one page, and another one that will let me copy our monthly calendar from our kitchen wall and keep with me all the time.

I am all about saving money and getting organized this year and I will be going back to this site time and again I think.  Hmmm. . .I do need something for keeping track of my vegetable garden . . .and my book challenges . . . and websites to link to . . .


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