Playing Many Parts

Deodorant Debacle or Can I Go All Natural Under the Pits?

The road to switching to all natural beauty products for me is litered with terrible deodorant products.  I am not sure what is so challenging about underarms, but this has been the most frustrating part of becoming healthy.  I sweat it!  I can’t lie, I am not one of those women who glows as she heats up, I work in a man’s industry, I get dirty and am occasionally in situtations that are hot and sticky.  I need a deodorant that can keep up and many of these natural ones are a bit too “natural” for me.

I have tried Tom’s of Maine Natural Original Care and it just doesn’t cut it for me.  I smell ok until about 10 am and then watch out. . .the funk begins.  I also tried  the JASON brand, same results.  Next, I moved on to the Tea Tree Desert Essence Deodorant, and while it did last longer than the others, I still found that after several hours I was not as “fresh” as I could be.

eplus_high_cI recently got an email about some new natural deodorants that were worth tying, and listed among them was one by Aubrey Organics called E Plus High C.  I liked the musical reference and thought I may as well try it, so when I saw it at my favorite store I knew it was time.  I don’t remember ever trying a roll on before, as I tend to be more of a stick girl, but this one is great.  I have been using it for a couple of days and am pretty pleased with the results so far.

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