Playing Many Parts

Bad Technology Week

I am so sad today, as I lost both my iPod and my TIVO this past week.

I went online and did all of the suggestions on Apple’s site to fix the common problems with iPod, but alas, I am afraid I have lost it for good.  It will not even connect to the computer anymore.  The sad part is that it is only 2 years old. . .it is a 30GB iPod and had I known that the life span was only 2 years, I would have purchased something much cheaper. 

The TIVO also is a bit disappointing.  It turns out that my TIVO device is basically a Linux box, and the hard drive is toast.  I went through diagnostics with several of their techs only to be told after 3 phone calls that I would have to purchase a new TIVO device for $150.  Since this too is only 2 years old, I am quite frustrated.  I will NOT be purchasing a new box, but will instead be attempting a new drive installation.  My thought though is that this two year lifespan thing with electronics is crap!  Since when did we settle for paying this kind of money for things that have such a short life?


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