Playing Many Parts

Two Quick Book Reviews

deadsleep1Of the two books I finished in the past week, Dead Sleepby Greg Iles, a new author for me, was my favorite.  Dead Sleep is a murder mystery/thriller that did keep me guessing from the beginning to the very end.  I think it is hard to write a book about serial killers and multiple murders and not be too dark, but this book is serious about the subject without making you feel dirty and depressed. . .I like that.   I really enjoyed getting to know the main character and her family and felt that she had enough depth and reality to make her a great leading lady.  In short, I found this quite an enjoyable read for some cold winter days in the MidWest.

The second book that I read this past week, Dark Paradise by Tami Hoag, I enjoyed, but would not recommend as darkparadisehighly as I would Dead Sleep. My reason for this is that I found the language to be more offensive and the violence to be way over the top for a murder mysterty/thriller. I found this book to have some of the darkness that the television series Dexter has, and I don’t watch that show for that reason. I think the author could have written this book without it being quite so dark and horrible. I also felt that the book was longer than it needed to be and that there were too many substories that didn’t all add value to the larger plot. I plan to try one more book from this author before I decide not to read her again, but I will choose much more carefully this time.

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