Playing Many Parts

The Season Has Officially Begun

The official beginning of my family’s holiday season is always my DD’s band bandconcertconcert.  The concert was last night, and so now we can officially begin our decorating, planning, shopping and cooking.  I have been having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit of late, due to a nagging head cold that has had me in bed for the past few days, but I think we can get going now.  I felt terrible at the concert, and was very worried that my cough would disturb the other parents, but they seemed to understand, and I did keep my distance, to avoid contaminating anyone.  Doesn’t it seem like you have to cough the most when you really shouldn’t?  I was fine during the day yesterday, but as soon as I got to the concert my cough started up again.  Ah well, at least it was short and I had cough drops and tea with me.  I do thank God for tea and cough drops, where would we honestly be without them?!

The band played some classics, did a sing-a-long medly that was very nice, and ended it all with the traditional “Sleigh Ride.”  It was short, sweet and simple and was the perfect beginning to my holiday season!  Thanks DD!

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