Playing Many Parts


nano_08_winner_largeI finished my frist novel!  I am so sorry that I haven’t been baking or posting much over the past month, but I have been busy putting into motion a 10 year dream.  I have wanted to write my novel ever since 1998 and I have finally done it.  I was scared to death, and I am quite sure that my novel is total crap that no one will ever read, but I did it. 

Dreams are a wonderful thing, they keep us going and give us something to live for.  What dreams do you need to put in motion today?  I encourage you to do it.  I didn’t think I could write a whole chapter let alone 100 pages.  I also didn’t think that I could write dialogue, but I did.  You can do it too.  Take a hold of your dreams today and work for what you want.

Recipes and baking pictures to come later this week.  DD and I are gearing up for a month-long baking freenzy!

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