Playing Many Parts

Book Review – The Loop by Nicholas Evans

The Loop is certainly not a new book, and after meaning to read this for about 5 years now, I finally finished it this weekend.  It wasn’t that the book was hard to read or anything, I just keep getting side tracked every time I tried to read it.  It was a good book, and I enjoyed it a bit more than I did The Horse Whisperer, which was my first Nicholas Evans book.

The Loop is set in Montana‘s Big Sky Country, which is a fantastic place to spend a few hours in ones imagination.  I found myself wishing I was actually riding horseback through the streams and mountains that were being described.  As the cover indicates, some of the main characters of this book include a pack of wolves who have been reintroduced to the wilds of Montana.  I did a quick survey of this issue back in college, and the quick overview of the wolf situation in the book is actually pretty well done.  Both sides of the reintroduction program a covered quite well and it is difficult to choose a side, however, in the end the authors bias becomes the readers as well.

If you liked the Horse Whisperer, you will like The Loop.

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