Playing Many Parts


Well, I didn’t read as many hours as I thought I would, I think I only ended up reading about 10 hours, but for a first time go, that isn’t too bad.  I also had many other things going on, so overall I am happy with how I did.  I also knew that I would not be able to stay up all night and read, as family obligations and the need to go to work tomorrow awake and refreshed was just more important. 

I do love the idea of the Read-A-Thon, and next time I will clear my schedule more so that I can read for as many hours as possible.  I will also prepare more before hand.  I will make sure I have quick snacks ready, I will make sure my family is on board with Mom’s day to herself, and I will make sure that I have a few books that I can’t wait to dive into ready to go. . .including some short books so I feel more like I am accomplishing something.

If you are a reader, I highly recommend trying some of the book challenges around the internet or trying a Read-A-Thon, us bookies have to stick together afterall. . no one else understands this strange obsession.

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  1. So true! We really are the ones that understand the obsession! I didn’t participate this time, but I’d love to do it next time (it’ll be my first!!) It’s nice to see people’s advice though. 🙂


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