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Gormet Body Treats Review

I ordered the first of my new natural beauty products and have been trying them for the past couple of days and wanted to post my favorite finds here so I can access them easily in the future.

The first company I decided to try was Gormet Body Treats.  I like their website, and it is pretty easy to navigate.  Most of their products do show up as completely safe on the Skin Deep site too, which also made them the perfect starting point for me.

Since I didn’t have a ton of extra money, I decided to start with two products I knew I needed, a concealer and some face wash.  I found shopping on this site, as well as ordering from it very easy.  I was also very pleased with the speed of delivery.  I ordered on a Thursday afternoon and I had my products by the following Thursday afternoon.  Not bad for a small shop.

I was very pleased with one of my purchases and not so impressed with my second purchase from this vendor.  I really like the Cream Concealer that I purchased for $10.  While the tin is small, it does seem that I will not need a ton of the concealer, and I think I can easily make it last a month, maybe even two months and that seems very reasonable to me.  The consistancy of the concealer is much thicker than I imagined, but I find that it does cover well, and does conceal my dark spots/blemishes nicely.  I find that it lasts a couple of hours, which is actually longer than liquid foundation ever does for me, so I am quite happy with this product.

The face soap that I purchases is less impressive.  I went for the Soothing Neem Soap and while the product itself is ok, I will not pay $8 again for such a small bar of average soap.  This is not a typical size bar of soap, but rather is about 1/3 size of your average bar of soap.  This would be fine, if it did something amazing or was even better than your average soap, but it isn’t.  I have been using it for about 5 days now and it is just really expensive all natural soap.  I think you can do better at your local drug store.

Overall, I am pleased with my Gormet Body Treats experience and I will definitely be trying more of their products in the coming months.

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