Playing Many Parts

I’m Going Natural

I have been thinking about it for a long time, and I am finally doing it.  I am going (as much as possible) to all natural product use.  I am changing all of my beauty products (including hair and body care), cleaning products, and household products to all natural products, chemically free where ever possible. 

It was actually something my brother said a while back that got me thinking about what I put on my body and what I put close to my skin and how healthy it all is for me.  My brother and his family were staying at my house one weekend and his daughter fell and scraped her knee.  I immediately took her to the bathroom and put some first aid creme on her wound and then added a bandaid.  Later, my brother asked if I put anything on it, and when I said I had used the first aid cream he asked what was in it.  I replied that it was the same stuff our mom had used on our cuts so it must be fine, and he said that wasn’t necessarily true and I too needed to be more careful about anything I put on or next to my skin as it is absorbed into our bodies.  My first reaction was to think he was a paranoid and a bit nutty, but I have been thinking about that conversation and I know think he was on to something.

A quick run through Target the other day had me realizing that there must be something to this paraben and chemically free movement, as at least one third of their beauty section included these type of “natural” products.  Since Target is my personal favorite store to shop, I figured that if I can get my products there, I am certainly going to make the move to remove as many chemicals from my home as I possibly can.  I will keep you posted on how it is going. . .


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