Playing Many Parts

Do Not Mess With Mother Nature

It has been an interesting few days for my little corner of the world (the Chicago/Northwest Indiana area)!  We have had flooding here like no one seems to ever remember having before.  The local newspapers are full of pictures and stories that are just amazing.  Check out those pictuers, they are devistating.

When I woke up Saturday morning to 3 inches of water covering my basement I thought we had it bad, and then I realized that we had no room to complain.  We were spared greatly compared to others whose entire homes were covered in water.  The crazy thing is that it seemed to happen suddenly and without much warning.  Floods and hurricanes are acts of nature that happen elsewhere, not in Chicagoland.

To all of those who are still cleaning up like we are, I am with you.  We have had some great friends come over and lend HUGE shop vacs to get the water out and also lend hands and feet to clear our water logged and useless trinkets being stored in the crawl space.  To those who are still out of your homes, my prayers are with you.  And what does this foretell of our coming winter, if anything?  YIKES!

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