Playing Many Parts

Book Review – Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers

Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers is a book that I have started and stopped several times.  I picked it up this last time because I realized that I am running out of time for this year for the Suspense & Thriller book challenge.  And unlike other times, I did finish it.

I have been wanting to read a Sayers book since I read about her a few years back.  She was a pastor’s kid, grew up in England, and was just a very smart and strong woman.  I encourage you to read more about her and perhaps look into some of her other works.

As for the book, I liked it, but found it hard to read actually.  I liked the characters enough, but found that I confused them a couple of times due to Peter and Parker being so similar.  I also thought that parts of the book were very dull while others zipped along just fine.  Overall, the setting and the plot are solid, easy to follow, and brief which makes this a good mystery to study.  So while this book was ok, I am going to add at least one other DLS novel to my list of books to read next year, and will also be adding The Mind of the Maker.

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