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Cafe Thursday – Don’t Get the Seafood

Normally to celebrate Cafe Thursday, I include a fun recipe.  Today, however, I can barely think of food so I thought I would use today as a caution to all my friends and family who do read this blog sometimes.  And just what is my tip today?  Don’t order the seafood!

I used to think that if you went to an overpriced joint that specialized in seafood you should be able to order anything off the menu and not worry. . .right?  Oh boy, am I a fool or what?  (DBs, that is rhetorical. . please don’t answer.)  After eating at a very nice, expensive chain restaurant the other night, both DH and I came down with a very yucky, yet mild case of food poisoning.  My advice from now on is to. . well. . what can you order these days?  And from where?

I just heard on the news, while in bed with food poisoning actually, that a popular food chain in my area is recalling ground beef because it has issues.  It seems that tomatoes and spinach and peppers are all a bit risky now days, and of course seafood is among the worst offenders.  So I ask, what can we eat?  Even my vegan daughter is not safe if she orders a spinich salad.  Between the dangers of eating anything with high froctose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils and the fear of food poisoning in meat and veggies, what are we left with?  What can we eat with confidence that it will nourish us instead of kill us?  Do we all have to become farmers and raise our own stuff?  And if we did, would it matter?  Good Grief what have we done?!

(picture here Charlie Brown with his arms raised in frustration)

I am not really giving any answers here, I am more asking the question. . .what do you do?  I myself am now leaning toward believing that there is not much we can do but make the best decisions we can and trust God for the rest. . .


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