Playing Many Parts

Finally Friday Fun – Summer Movies

Boy oh boy is it ever going to be tough today to decide which of the new summer movies we will go to tonight, the family and I! There are so many I want to see right now that it will be difficult.

DS wants to go see Speed Racer tonight. He and his Dad have been catching up on all the old cartoons and he is just busting at the seams to go and see the feature film. I have to admit that I am a bit anxious for this one too. DH though refuses to go, he thinks it looks terrible. Hard to believe, seeing as he is the biggest Speed Racer fan over 20 that I know.

DD wants to go see Made of Honor. Although I don’t think this will be great cinema or anything, who am I to pass up an opportunity to see McDreamy on the big screen?

And finally, I really want to see Ironman. I have always been a big Robert Downey Jr fan, and I have heard from so many people that this is a great movie. This may be the one time that I invite my kids friends along just so I can go see the movie I really want to see.


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