Playing Many Parts

Finally Friday Fun – Vacations

I have started saving for a vacation. I am planning to go sometime next spring I think and will be taking DH, DD, DS and a DB. Now that I have put my savings plan in place, we need to decide on a location and go about getting passports. 

I originally thought that Paris, France was at the top of our list, but it changes for me from moment to moment. I read one article yesterday on the top 10 cities to visit and I think that after considering Paris, I have decided on some where in Italy in Tuscany.  I think we are going to rent a house for a week, one with a pool close to a little village.

This of course will all cost a small fortune, but it is a once in a lifetime trip for my husband and kids that I want to take before they fly off and are on their own.  I also wonder if DS won’t think this is all a bit too slow and will want more of an adventure, in which case I will have to consider another option I heard about this morning.  

There is a place in sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  where you can swim with dolphins, go whale watching, or even do a canopy tour.  I think DH and DS would actually like this option much better, but I am gonna go for Italy first.

Of course, I will probably be outvoted and we will end up in Florida, again, but I will get to Europe and Mexico . . .eventually.

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