Playing Many Parts

Review – The Stray Dog

I have found another winner in the restaurant department and impressed DD at the same time. . .a perfect win/win situation.

We were travelling from the Chicago area to the middle of Michigan, and stumbled upon a wonderful little place that will now be a regular stop for us on these trips.  Located right off of Exit 1 in New Buffalo, Michigan along US94, The Stray Dog is the perfect place to stop for food and drink if you are taking this popular route.  I suspect that on summer weekend nights this is quite the place to hang out, as it is located right on Lake Michigan.  On a cold winter night however, it was the perfect place to catch a drink and a fish taco.

On a recent trip to Florida my DS fell in love with a little place called The Old Salty Dog, and it could just be a coincidence, but I find it interesting that indeed this new place in Michigan also has a deep fried hot dog.  It is a good thing I have taken up running again or there is just no way I could eat a fried hotdog. . .but well. . .sometimes a little splurge is ok.

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